Setting up Julia environment in Windows

Installing Julia

The binary for installing Julia can be downloaded from:
The installation will give us access to an interactive console session, known as REPL (read-eval-print-loop). The console is very similar to Matlab console where we can type any code in it and get the result right away. To get help on any function in Julia, press “?” and the function name. We can also execute shell command by typing “;” first followed by the shell command.


Console replacement

The default Julia REPL console run on the standard Windows command prompt which lacks of features (like copying). There are several console alternatives that we can use. My favorite is ConEmu which can be downloaded from


Code editor

There are several editor softwares which provide syntax highlighting for Julia code. Sublime Text ( is one of the most popular. Since Sublime Text isn’t really free, my choice goes to GitHub Atom ( In both softwares we can install package for Julia syntax highlighting.


Juno is the IDE that is recommended in Julia website. It support syntax highlighting, code completion, real-time feedback and variable browser. We can run the code step by step or choose some part of code to run and then get the feedback. The Matlab-like variable browser feature can also help us debugging the code.


My preference

While Juno provides useful features for programmer, I personally prefer the REPL version since I use the console a lot for testing some function, exploring available functions and getting help. I usually type the code in Atom and then run in REPL console using include("file_name.jl") command. Here’s a screenshot of my Julia environment:


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